With integrations into all leading ERP solutions, Gaviti is the perfect receivable collection management solution for companies that rely on extending credit to their customers. Customizable workflows can be configured to address the needs of any type of customer in any industry including manufacturing, wholesale and distribution, technology, business services, and transportation and logistics.


Producing goods by hand or machine on a large scale comes with challenges. Customer demands change often.

To stay competitive, manufacturing companies must continue to produce new products. Also, they must operate in an efficient manner. Timely payments from customers enables them to do so.

Gaviti’s automated collections software is the solution to this problem. By moving the collections process online, it is easier to receive payments faster.

Wholesale and Distribution

Wholesale and distribution companies manufacture and ship goods to retailers. Their goal is to make many sales to avoid low margins. Yet with more sales, come more invoices. In the past, tracking past due receivables and encouraging on time payments has been difficult to achieve. To stay competitive and efficient, they must solve this problem.

Gaviti can help! With our online accounts receivable collections platform, distributors will have more successful cashflows.


Technology companies face a lot of pressure to stay ahead of the competition. They must offer the most valuable product or service for a reasonable price.

They incur many costs as they continue to grow and change their platforms. For them, cash is king. To stay competitive, consistent cashflow is necessary. As technology companies, you know how much simpler and more efficient going to digital can be.

Why not invest in yourself the way you help other companies invest in themselves?

Use Gaviti to stay competitive and deliver the greatest technology to your customers!

Business Services

Even without producing tangible goods, business services companies make strong impacts. Providing a service can make it even more challenging to receive payment on time, or  at all. But, to continue to have dedicated employees, payment is important.

Invest in a business service for yourself, Gaviti, to help you help others. Using Gaviti’s software, your company will optimize its cash flows. This will lead to more resources to provide business services to others.

Transportation and Logistics

Transportation and logistics helps the entire company function. Without it, goods would not make it in good condition, at the right price to end customers.

Transporting, packaging, and storing goods is expensive. Payment takes place at many points throughout the process. This can make it difficult to keep track of invoices.

Timely payments for transportation and logistics leads to a successful company.

To ensure timely payment and that no invoices are not forgotten, invest in Gaviti.

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