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About Us

Gaviti is committed to transforming accounts receivable management. Our platform empowers collections teams to optimize workflows, access strategic insights, and uphold the principles of responsible credit management and cash application.

Founded by Yan, our CEO with a collections background, and Alex, our CTO, Gaviti was born from a genuine desire to innovate the A/R process. Since 2017, our venture-backed journey has propelled us to global recognition and trust.

Today, Gaviti serves a diverse clientele across 20+ countries, managing transactions worth tens of billions.

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With over a decade dedicated to accounts receivables, Yan boasts a proven track record of managing collections across four continents, successfully retrieving over $1.5 billion from clients spanning 40+ countries. Before spearheading Gaviti, Yan honed his financial acumen as an international finance manager for leading NASDAQ-traded SaaS enterprises.




Alex is a seasoned software engineer and leader, ignited by a passion for coding since the age of 13. Before co-founding Gaviti, he amassed over a decade of experience, navigating the tech landscape from innovative startups to established corporate environments, consistently driving technological excellence and innovation.


"Our automated receivables collection platform accelerates cash flow, eliminates manual tasks, and optimizes the collection process for each client based on payment history and behavior."

Gaviti Founder – CEO, Yan Lazarev


douglas h Corporate IT Manager Mid-Market (51-1000 emp.)
“A Great approach to AR as well as great people to work with.”

“The quick support. Anytime we have any issue they are very quick to respond and give a helping hand. We also really do like to website. It gives to a nice overview of your current AR. If you need more detail you can drill down but the overview is very nice. The next best part is the automatic emails that get sent out by the system. This is a much better solution the manual emailing to our…”

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Tim M Small-Business
“Great tool for leverage lean resources”

“Automated the follow-up with customers and notification to account managers. With a lean A/R departments, we prioritized larger receivables, but that left a high volume of smaller balances unattended most months. Gaviti changed that for us. Now we can reach every customer (at least those we choose) . The tool provides statements (very positive for the customers), but also fills the gap of…”

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Rob K Sr. Product Manager, eASIC Enterprise (> 1000 emp.)
“Web-based software with responsive and quick customer support.”

“The fast customer support. Whenever we’ve a problem, they react quickly and offer assistance. We like the site, also. This gives your present AR a great introduction. You are able to drill down in case you require more detail, although overview is reasonably good. The second point about the method is the automatic e mails. This’s a far better method to send out our customers hand email.”

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Vicki P Small-Business (50 or fewer emp.)
“Gaviti~ Highly recommended to provide a clear picture about a company's receivables.”

“The system is very user friendly and quite descriptive. In addition, the staff is super helpful and replies to inquiries quickly! The dashboard provides a lot of information and I can see what I’ve accomplished”

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Manoj K Financial Systems Manager Mid-Market (51-1000 emp.)

“Very intuitive software. Extremely competent support staff . Our finance team have been able to cut down the outstanding due to less than half in a very short time after implementing Gaviti, Great product”

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