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Gaviti's automated A/R collections solution streamlines the collections process and accelerates cash flow

01 Improve DSO
02 Increase control and visibility
03 Eliminate manual processing
04 Reduce reserves and write-offs

Our Solution

Gaviti is a software solution to map out your receivable collection process and improve it over time.

Gaviti is a game changer. Our DSO decreased by 35% ur 90+ aging bucket decreased by 90% and our delinquent client count decreased by over 50%”

Arik Abramovitz CEO at MATERFOOD

Faster invoice payments

Accelerate cash flow and improve DSO with smart workflows that drive on-time payments

Institutional collections knowledgebase

Streamline team
collaboration by logging all
collection activity

performance metrics

Increase executive
stakeholder visibility with
actionable insights

Reduced A/R

Allow your team to
collaborate around

Stronger collection team performance

Empower staff
productivity with
process automation

Enhanced customer experience

Provide a chance for
proactive invoice
dispute resolution

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