Smart Receivables Collection Management Solution

Easily collect your receivables and accelerate cash flow with Gaviti

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Our Solution

Gaviti is a software solution to map out your receivable collection process and improve it over time.
Gaviti is a game changer. Our DSO decreased by
our 90+ aging bucket decreased by 90% and our delinquent client count decreased by over 50%”
Arik Abramovitz
CEO at Masterfood
Faster invoice payments
Accelerate cash flow and improve DSO with smart workflows that drive on-time payments
Institutional collections knowledgebase
Streamline team collaboration by logging all collection activity
Real-time performance metrics
Increase executive stakeholder visibility with actionable insights
Reduced A/R collection
Allow your team to collaborate around collections
Stronger collection team performance
Empower staff productivity with process automation
Enhanced customer experience
Provide a chance for proactive invoice dispute resolution

Key Features

Gaviti is a software solution to map out your receivable collection process and improve it over time
collected to date
Sync With ERP
Gaviti fully integrates with SAP, Quickbooks, Priority ERP, Netsuite, any other accounting or ERP software
Map, Benchmark and Optimize process
Workflow performance data provides actionable insights to improve your collections process
Follow Up
Smart workflows automatically send the right message, to the right customer, at the right time leading to more on-time invoice payments
You Are In Control
Stay in control with
up-to-date receivable
collection metrics on the
dashboard and actionable insights from your workflows and customer’s risk score

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Gaviti benefits
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