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Gaviti's automated A/R collections solution streamlines the collections process and accelerates cash flow

01 Improve DSO
02 Increase control and visibility
03 Eliminate manual processing
04 Reduce reserves and write-offs

Our Solution

Gaviti is a software solution to map out your receivable collection process and improve it over time.

We’ve been able to get ahead of any invoicing issues, create new connections with our clients and establish meaningful relationships...a game-changer in getting invoices processed."

Valorie Gutzman CFO at A Closer Look

Faster invoice payments

Accelerate cash flow and improve DSO with smart workflows that drive on-time payments


Accurately predict future cash
flows by monitoring history of
issued invoices and existing data

Institutional collections knowledgebase

Institutional collections knowledgebase

Streamline team collaboration by logging any and all collection activity on one central platform

performance metrics

Gain instant access, visibility
and actionable insights with
just one click

Stronger collection team performance

Accelerate team
productivity with process

Enhanced customer experience

Provide a chance for
proactive invoice
dispute resolution


Improve your engagement with client’s accounts payable to improve communications with customers and address the hurdles that are delaying payment of open invoices.

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