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A/R Collections Management & Automation for Logistics

Getting freight out the door and on to its final destination demands a lot of moving parts work together quickly. But late receivables delay shipments, cut into fuel budgets and push off new hires to increase capacity. Constant and predictable cash flow is imperative to keep your business running. 

A/R Collections Management & Automation reduces that burden by helping you to follow up quickly and keep track of the entire A/R collections process for logistics and transportation, no matter when you work. This helps you to reduce late payments, increase early payments, and save hundreds of hours every month

Transportation and Logistics

Tangible Results:

  • 34%

    Invoice delinquency

  • 227

    Saved per

  • 9%

    Reduction in
    late receivables

  • 3%

    Increase in
    early receivables

  • Collect Receivables Quickly

    Gaviti keeps all your A/R collections information organized and automatically generates dunning messages, making collecting receivables faster so you can reinvest cash flow into resources, fuel, vehicles, and freight:

    • Decrease the invoice to cash flow timeline
    • Track and group all your individual customers’ invoices
    • Allow customers to pay invoices anytime day or night
    • Secure payment gateway
    • Set rules for generating automatic responses and payment reminders
  • Efficient Dispute Management for the Manufacturing Industry

    Manage your entire dispute cycle with customers and customize triggers for escalation:

    • Maintain transparency
    • Instantaneously notify the right stakeholders
    • Automatic prioritization
  • Streamlined Credit Management

    Easily assess which customers should have their credit limits increased and which ones should have their credit limits decreased.

    • Customer risk assessments based on their payment history with your business
    • Create your own internal flagging system based on company preferences
    • Unify all your data to compare terms for payments, credit limits, and more
    • Payment metrics and forecasts to easily see your company’s financial health and tolerance for risk at any given moment
  • Increased Efficacy

    Stop working out of spreadsheets and automate routine tasks

    • Generate reports automatically
    • Reduce errors
    • Automatically sync with all data changes the relevant systems
    • Prioritize high-impact tasks
  • Easy Implementation With Any ERP or Business System

    Gaviti adapts to any and all ERPs no matter what: Oracle, SAP Business One, Intacct, Infor Distribution, Trimble TruckMate, Epicor Prelude, CargoWise, and more.

    • Connect with all industry and niche ERPs
    • Integrate both newer and legacy software without any hiccups
    • Keep syncing seamlessly with Gaviti even when you make internal software changes
    • No IT involvement required

Trusted For The Long Haul

I have been in accounting for over 30 years and this was by far the best value and easiest implementation that I have been a part of.

Anita Huffman, Corporate
Finance Director, TWE

Gaviti has provided me with more time to optimize and improve my performance in the A/R department, keep better track of outstanding invoices and focus on more complex tasks!

Brenda Weinberg,
A/R Administrator, Wotchit

Gaviti has provided me with more time to optimize and improve my performance in the A/R department, keep better track of outstanding invoices and focus on more complex tasks!

Kristen Cramer,
Senior Accountant, Burwood



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