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Cash Application: Automate and Streamline Payment Matching

Efficiently applying customer payments to open invoices is critical for accurate accounting, streamlined processes, and optimal cash flow management. With Gaviti, we offer an automated platform that matches customer payments against open invoices.

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Cash Application
Here's how Gaviti Cash Application adds value to your business:
Automated Payment Matching

Automated Payment Matching

Gaviti’s automates the process of matching customer payments with corresponding open invoices. By leveraging remittance information provided by customers, our platform intelligently identifies and matches payments to the appropriate invoices. This eliminates the need for manual matching, saving time and reducing errors.

Remittance-Based Matching

Remittance-Based Matching

Gaviti utilizes remittance information provided by customers, such as invoice numbers or payment references, to facilitate accurate payment matching. Our system intelligently associates the payment with the corresponding invoices, ensuring precise application and reconciliation of payments. This results in accurate accounting and improved visibility into your cash position.

Automatic Cash Application via Gaviti Customer Payment Portal

Automatic Cash Application via Gaviti Customer Payment Portal

As customers make payments using the portal, our system automatically matches the payment with the corresponding open invoices with 100% accuracy. This seamless automation eliminates the need for manual intervention, expedites the cash application process, and reduces processing delays.
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Single and multiple bank connectivity

Single and Multi Bank Connectivity

In Gaviti’s Cash Application Module, single bank connectivity ensures precise cash allocation and real-time reconciliation with your primary bank, while multi-bank connectivity offers versatility for managing cash from multiple sources, all with Gaviti’s automation and reconciliation capabilities.

Real-Time Visibility and Reporting

Real-Time Visibility and Reporting

Gaviti’s offers real-time visibility into the status of applied payments, unmatched payments, and any exceptions that require attention. Our reporting and analytics capabilities provide insights into cash application performance, allowing you to monitor metrics such as unapplied cash or discrepancies. These insights enable proactive management and optimization of your cash flow.

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With Gaviti you can automate and streamline the payment matching process, reducing manual effort and enhancing accuracy.

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