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ERP Compatibility: Gaviti Works Seamlessly with Any System

Gaviti takes pride in being an ERP agnostic platform, designed to seamlessly integrate with a wide range of enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. Our solution supports all major ERP systems, from popular ones to even the most obscure or custom accounting and ERP software. With Gaviti, you can rest assured that regardless of your chosen ERP system, our platform can connect and synchronize data effortlessly.

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ERP Compatibility
More About Gaviti ERP Compatibility:
Comprehensive Support

Comprehensive Support

Gaviti supports both on-premise and cloud-based ERP implementations, providing flexibility and compatibility with your preferred deployment model. Whether you have a legacy on-premise system or utilize a modern cloud-based ERP, our platform seamlessly integrates to deliver a unified collections management experience.

Multiple System Integration

Multiple System Compatibility

Gaviti offers the ability to connect to a single ERP system or multiple systems simultaneously. This is especially beneficial for organizations that operate with multiple ERPs across different business units or subsidiaries. Our solution allows you to consolidate collections data and streamline processes, regardless of the ERP landscape within your organization.

No Coding

No Coding/Low IT Resources Required

With Gaviti, you can enjoy a hassle-free experience. Our platform eliminates the need for complex coding or custom development. We provide intuitive tools and pre-built connectors that facilitate the integration process, making onboarding lightning quick and effortless. Say goodbye to lengthy implementation cycles and enjoy the benefits of Gaviti in no time.

Fast Time to ROI

Fast Time to ROI

We understand the importance of a fast return on investment (ROI). Gaviti’s user-friendly interface, dedicated customer support, quick onboarding process, and seamless ERP integration ensure that you can start realizing the benefits of Gaviti swiftly. By streamlining collections management and optimizing cash flow, you can achieve a rapid ROI and drive financial success sooner.

Gaviti can seamlessly connect with any ERP system, regardless of its popularity or custom nature. Our compatibility extends from widely adopted ERP systems to the most specialized or obscure ones, enabling organizations across various industries to harness the power of Gaviti’s platform.

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