Standard Edition

  • Automated AR collections management solution
  • Dynamic client risk scoring
  • Collections task management
  • Collect workflow analysis and improvement
  • AP Assistant
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Unlimited users, clients, contacts, and workflows
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Pro Edition

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Expert Edition

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Premium Features

Internal Personas

Personalize outgoing messages sent from various internal perosnas on your collection team.

External Personas

Personalize outgoing messages sent to various personas. Enables your team to target specific messages to the right person within your client's organization.

Custom Security Policy

Add/ create custom policies that you want Gaviti to comply with. Examples default 2FA, or periodic password expiry policies.

Custom fields

Map your own custom fields into Gaviti to allow you to maintain visibility in the key areas that you have been collecting in your existing ERP or accounting platforms.

DNS Integration

Enable the Gaviti platform to send emails directly from your own email domain.

Multiple integrations

Integrate Gaviti with more than one data source.

Included in Standard
AP Assistant
Included in Standard

Engage and communicate with client’s accounts payable

Included in Standard
Payment Gateway
Included in Standard

Gaviti’s platform will enable customers to receive payments through most major credit card brands, online ACH (E-Check) and bank transfers.

Payment Forecasting

Track history of payments and accurately predict future cash flows

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