How we do it

Automated A/R collections solution streamlines the collections process and accelerates cash flow.

Get Started

It only takes one step to get integrated with our platform.
All you’ll need to do is share your aging data report (a list of your outstanding invoices) with us.

Gaviti supports all (yes! all!) enterprise resource planning systems (ERP).

Start Your Automation

You can be up and running in under a day!
Our dedicated customer success representative will walk you through the next steps.

  1. Understand your dashboard features
  2. Setup your collection process and messaging
  3. Activate the automation process
Pro Tip: Use our rich communication template library to build the right messages

Optimize Your Process

Once you’re all set up, you’ll be able to check out some of the amazing features that will accelerate your collections process.

  1. Access the knowledge base library
    • Learn about best practices to improve the language in your communication.
  2. Improve your performance with actionable insights
    • Our algorithm is continuously measuring the process and sharing updates.
  3. Know your clients better, based on real-time collection data
    • Our software learns your clients’ payment behavior

Best of all, you won’t need anyone from IT to help get up and running! All features are user-friendly and anyone can go in and make changes.

  • Increase text
  • Decrease text
  • Grayscale
  • High contrast
  • Negative contrast
  • Light background
  • Links underline
  • Readable font
  • Reset