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Best 7 Collection Email Templates for Customer

Anyone who’s worked in accounts receivables knows how valuable a good collection email template can be. Accounts receivable collections rely on clear communication with customers, both in delivering accurate invoices on time and ensuring those invoices get paid.

An A/R collections email template supports quick and efficient communication between you and your clients. It saves your team significant time during your dunning processes, freeing you from needing to build each email from scratch. (It also eases the burden of invoice collection somewhat.)

When you have a structured way of communicating with delinquent clients, you can test various template strategies and determine which are most successful at moving the needle.

To make things easier, we’re reviewing different types of email templates and how each email collection template can be used in your company. We suggest trying out each payment collection email sample on your own clients and see which offer the best results.

Types of Collection Reminder Emails

Here are various A/R collections email templates. Each sample shows you how they look in application.

1. Proactive Reminder Emails

These collection reminder emails are sent to clients ahead of the invoice due date, summarizing payment details and account info. Unlike the other types, these will be sent to all clients, even those that pay on time – so make sure to keep the tone polite and friendly.

Example 1:

Hi [Client’s First Name],

We appreciate you doing business with us!

This is just a reminder that you have the following invoices due for payment in the next few days:

Invoice #      Amount Owed      Due Date

Please let us know if you have any questions about these invoices!


[Sender’s Name]

Example 2:

Hello [client’s first name],

We hope your day is going well! Attached, are invoices due in the next few days with an outstanding balance of [Balance].

Please let us know if you have any questions about these invoices or expect any problems remitting your payments. We’re happy to work with you!

You can also make a secure payment through our self-service online portal, [Link Here]. Additional notes may be added to your remittance as needed.

If you’ve already made a payment, great! Kindly disregard this email.

Thank you for your time,

[Sender’s Name]

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2. Reminder Emails

This is the first email sent to clients who default on payments, but it’s still good practice to keep things light and friendly. It’s common for clients to make mistakes or forget payments during their A/P runs, so your goal here is to offer a gentle-yet-firm nudge to make them aware of the issue.

It’s good practice here to confirm that the invoice has been received, highlight the invoice total, and confirm the date it was due.

Example 1:

Hello [Client’s First Name],

We’re getting in touch to confirm that you received our invoice on [Date Sent].

As of [Today’s Date], we have not received payment for the following invoices:

Invoice #      Amount Owed      Due Date

Currently, you have an outstanding balance of [Balance].

Please let us know if you have any questions about these invoices or need help discussing payment options! You can reach our customer service line at [Contact Number].

Kind regards,

[Sender’s Name]

Example 2:

Hello [Client’s First Name],

We’re contacting you to confirm that you’ve received our most recent invoice. As of [Today’s Date], we haven’t received payment for the following invoices: [Invoice #s].

We’re attaching these invoices as a reminder and request you make payment at your earliest convenience. As of [Invoice Due Date], you currently have an outstanding balance of [Balance].

Thank you for your cooperation, and we hope to hear from you soon. We’ll follow-up with you again in [Grace Period Window] if payment has not been received.


[Sender’s Name]

3. Dunning Emails

If you’ve sent a reminder email and the client still hasn’t moved forward with payment, it’s time for a dunning email. At this point, you’ve given the client multiple chances to discuss payment problems. A firmer, strict tone is fair game.

Be sure to outline the agreed-upon payment terms in your collection email template and, if applicable, include a warning about impending service changes for delinquent accounts. A collection email sample for a dunning process may look like this:

Example 1:

Hello [Client’s First Name],

This is your second past-due reminder about invoices sent on [Date Sent].

As of [Today’s Date], we still have not received payment for services rendered. Please review and confirm the following overdue invoices:

Invoice #     Amount Owed     Due Date     Days Overdue

We request that you pay your outstanding balance of [Balance] as soon as possible to prevent service disruptions, per the terms of our agreement.

Payments can be made by mail or through our secure online portal at [Link Here].

If you have any questions, please contact our customer service line at [Contact Number].


[Sender’s Name]

Example 2:

Hello [Client’s First Name],

This is your second past-due notice. As of [Today’s Date], you currently have [Balance] in overdue payments owed to our company.

For your convenience, we have attached your past-due invoices.

We would like to remind you that per the terms of your contract, non-receipt of payment may result in a suspension of [Services/Credit] for your account.

We urge you to review these invoices and remit payment as soon as possible. You can reach our customer service team at [Contact Number] to discuss payment options or pay today using our secure online portal [Link Here].


[Sender’s Name]

Let Automation Do the Hard Work for You

These templates are a good way to begin streamlining your A/R processes, but they’re only the beginning. When you have an automated A/R solution integrated with your ERP, you can create sequences that deliver the right emails to the right clients at the right time. You’ll never need to worry about writing or sending another contact email again because the system stores and transmits everything on your behalf.

You might be surprised how much time this simple process can save you! We’ll be happy to book a demo of our platform and show you just how simple time-saving automation can be. To learn more about the benefits of automated collections platforms, your next step is to contact our team at Gaviti.

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