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The 10 Best ERP Blogs to Follow in 2022

Companies of all sizes and shapes are leaning into enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and the benefits they provide to business management, customer service, and internal efficiency. In 2022, the role of the ERP is more important than ever as companies struggle to emerge from a post-pandemic world, battling razor-thin margins and unprecedented shifts in customer behaviors.

To stay on top of your game, you need to not only understand your ERP inside and out but stay up to date with the latest trends and strategies for ERP.

Our team selected these options as our 10 best ERP blogs to follow in 2022:

1. Comprehensive ERP Content, Management Tips, and Press Releases

Author: ERP News

Description: Topping our list of best ERP blogs is ERP News: one of the most comprehensive resources on enterprise resource planning management we’ve seen. Our team frequents this news portal due to its broad range of content topics, strategic insights, video materials, and information on in-person events pertinent to business professionals. Among ERP content hubs, this is one of the most comprehensive out there, so don’t miss out!

2. Directories for Specific ERP Use Cases

Author: Solutions Review

Description: For those seeking case-specific help on different aspects of ERP management, look no further than Solutions Review. Whether you’re managing ERP across manufacturing, distribution, or your supply chain, this hub can connect you to helpful resources. It also features extensive recommendations for best practices and additional reading to help you understand the finer points of ERP mastery.

3. Content With a Microsoft Dynamics Focus

Author: ERP Software Blog

Description: Microsoft Dynamics includes some of the most prominent software-as-a-service (SaaS) business tools on the market. Their suite of ERP and customer relationship management (CRM) tools are suitable for businesses of all kinds. If your company adheres to Dynamics 365 or other tools in the Microsoft family, ERP Software Blog can give you great insights on how to set your system up for success.

4. Detailed Categories of ERP Optimization Topics

Author: SYSPRO

Description: What we like about SYSPRO’s ERP content library is the big range of categories it offers. More than others on this list, SYSPRO makes it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for by breaking ERP content into searchable topics organized by use case. It also features great video and podcast content to bring a rich multimedia aspect to your ERP education.

5. Hand-Picked Articles on Everything ERP

Author: ERP in News (EIN)

Description: If you’re looking for an all-in-one source for everything ERP, check out EIN. This content is curated by ERP professionals and covers a staggering range of topics, from the cloud to AI to big data management. It also includes platform-specific content for users of Microsoft, SAP, Salesforce, and more. This is a great resource when you need general advice on ERP management but don’t know where to turn.

6. Comprehensive Oversight of Business Technology Management

Author: CIO

Description: CIO needs no introduction to most readers. It represents some of the best and brightest minds in the IT industry. CIO’s content library features regular contributions from guests, business leaders, and IT executives – perfect for getting the inside scoop on how technical platforms affect the bigger business picture. While much of it isn’t specific to ERP, their library is a great resource for understanding the bigger context of technical decision-making.

7. Tips for Mid-Size Business ERP Optimization

Author: Acumatica Cloud ERP

Description: Acumatica provides cloud ERP solutions tailored to the needs of mid-size companies. Their blog is ideal for users interested in deep insights specific to the Acumatica solution. It also offers great advice for mid-size companies hoping to push their ERP usage to the next level, with plenty of content on ERP best practices, market trends, and emerging industry news that business owners should be aware of.

8. Detailed Insights on ERP Mastery

Author: Verse Cloud ERP

Description: Among the many great cloud ERP blogs on this list, Versa Cloud ERP has plenty of insight to share. Few other blogs can match the in-depth expertise provided here, with great explainer content and how-to materials on managing ERP functions. While much of it is specific to Versa Cloud ERP, readers will be able to find simple breakdowns of complex concepts and understand how to get the most out of their ERP investment.

9. ERP Advice Across All Industries

Author: Top 10 ERP

Description: Top 10 ERP has an impressive collection of resources organized by industries, modes, and specific technologies. This may be a helpful resource for companies that leverage ERP tools outside of the verticals that get the most attention in ERP discussions. Top 10 ERP offers great rundowns of ERP management for the hospitality, food, and beverage industries, alongside plenty of all-purpose info that any company can apply.

10. All-Purpose Content for a Variety of ERP Scenarios

Author: Ultra Consultants

Description: The Ultra Consultants blog has a little bit of everything, from general platform implementation advice to expert insights to more detailed strategic planning. You can find info on most topics here, including ERP automati0n, manufacturing optimization, quality and compliance, and business-specific tips for different niches.

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