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How Wochit Eliminated Manual Collections Tasks & Saved Tons of Time With Automation

Spending way too much time on manual collections tasks

Wochit’s A/R Administrator, Brenda Weinberg, had been spending tons of time on manual collections tasks related to tracking invoices, both current and overdue. Her days were packed with writing, adapting and sending out emails to customers in order to get invoices paid. The process was extremely time-consuming, until the CFO suggested they implement automation to optimize A/R tasks and enable Brenda to stop worrying about current customers, and let her focus on overdue invoices. 

The Solution: A/R Collection Automation 

Wochit turned to Gaviti to automate their A/R collections tasks. Integration was really quick and easy and once it was completed, Gaviti provided training on the use and setup of automated workflows, which saved Brenda a massive amount of time as she was able to entrust Gaviti with complete management of current invoices.

Results With Gaviti

Within just a few weeks of implementation Brenda was able to shift the focus of her attention entirely to outstanding invoices, which freed her up for other projects and tasks.  

“Gaviti has provided me with more time to optimize and improve my performance in the A/R department, keep better track of outstanding invoices and focus on more complex tasks!”

-Brenda Weinberg, A/R Administrator, Wochit

With Gaviti A/R collection automation, Brenda no longer had to work 24/7 to chase collections from their hundreds of customers, and the entire collections operation has become significantly more efficient.

“Thanks to Gaviti, I now have the time and capacity to take on more responsibility and an expanded role at the company.”

-Brenda Weinberg, A/R Administrator, Wochit
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