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Introducing: Cash Application, Credit Application Management, Integrated AI and Much More

At Gaviti, we are committed to providing you with the most cutting-edge solutions to streamline your accounts receivable management processes. We’re excited to unveil the incredible lineup of new modules and features we’ve added to our platform in the last few weeks. These additions have been carefully crafted to address the evolving needs of businesses, ensuring you have the tools to minimize errors, maximize efficiency, and optimize your cash flow like never before.

Cash Application: A New Era of Accuracy and Efficiency

As Gaviti is a platform built by collectors for collectors, we understand the challenges that come with manual cash application processes – the potential for errors, time-consuming matching tasks, and the overall drain on resources. With the Cash Application module, we’re eliminating these pain points and introducing a new level of accuracy and efficiency.

What can Cash Application by Gaviti do?

Reduced Application Time: What used to take hours now takes mere minutes. Streamline your cash application process and free up valuable time for more strategic tasks.

Automated Payment Matching: Say goodbye to manual payment matching. Our Cash Application module employs advanced algorithms to automatically match payments with invoices, achieving an unprecedented level of accuracy.

Multi-Bank Connectivity: Seamlessly connect with multiple banks to facilitate faster and more accurate reconciliation across various accounts, while not compromising on security.

Want to learn more about Gaviti Cash Application? Contact your customer success manager or email us at

Join our webinar on Sep 13th to learn more about the new Cash Application module >>

Credit Application Management: Empowering Risk Management and Visibility

Avoid high risk customers from the start and monitor ongoing risk as they build a relationship with you. Managing credit applications just got a lot simpler and more effective with our new Credit Application Management module. We understand that risk management and central visibility are paramount, which is why we’ve developed a solution that empowers you to make informed decisions while reducing administrative effort. Gaviti partnered with CreditSafe to provide an accurate assessment of the potential risk of your customers.

What can you do with Gaviti credit application management?

Manage Risk: Make informed credit decisions that minimize bad debt risk and ensure financial stability.

Centralize Visibility and Maintain a Credit Audit Trail: Track all credit-related activities for transparency, facilitate audits, and maintain a clear credit history for each customer.

Reduce Administrative Effort: Automate the credit management process to significantly lessen the administrative burden.

Enhance Business Relationships with Customers: Foster trust and enhance your business relationships with customers through professionalism and reliability.

Want to learn more about Gaviti Credit Application Management? Contact your customer success manager or email us at

Join our webinar on Sep 13th to learn more about the new Credit Application Management module >>

Elevating Gaviti’s Core Functionalities: AI-Powered Cash Flow Optimization and More

Our commitment to enhancing your experience with Gaviti goes beyond the introduction of new modules. We’re proud to unveil several additional features that leverage AI and advanced technologies to drive efficiency and user empowerment.

AI-Driven Cash Flow Optimization: With just one click, optimize your workflow efficiency and accuracy using AI and ChatGPT technology, resulting in improved cash flow management.

Meet Billy – Your Personal Gaviti Assistant: Say hello to Billy, your personal assistant within Gaviti. Enhance your user experience and take proactive actions based on intelligent insights and recommendations.

Expanded Payment Gateway Options: Based on customer requests, we’ve added a new payment gateway (In addition to Bluesnap) to the Gaviti Customer Self Service portal: Stripe. Now, you have more options to facilitate seamless transactions. More options are on their way.

A Plethora of Additional Features for a Comprehensive Experience

We’ve paid close attention to your feedback and needs, resulting in a series of small but impactful features that collectively contribute to an enriched user experience and enhanced efficiency.

UI Design Improvements: Enjoy an easier and more intuitive navigation experience with our revamped UI design.

Calculated Fields as Workflow Triggers: Take control of your workflows by using calculated fields to trigger specific actions, allowing for even greater customization.

Enhanced Customer Profiles: Gain deeper insights with new metrics added to customer profiles, enabling more informed decision-making.

Accounts Payable Assistant – Save Payment Details: Streamline the accounts payable process by saving payment details for quick and easy access.

New Insights and Alerts: Stay ahead of the curve with additional insights and alerts that provide valuable information for more strategic decision-making.

Select all customers: Reach out to your customers more effectively by selecting all customers and sending ad hoc emails when needed.

At Gaviti, we’re committed to evolving our platform to meet the dynamic needs of the modern accounts receivable team. The latest product developments are a testament to our dedication to innovation, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. We invite you to explore these new modules and features and experience a new era of accounts receivable management with Gaviti.

To learn more about these enhancements and how they can transform your business, contact your customer success manager or email us at

Together, let’s unlock new levels of accuracy, efficiency, and success in your accounts receivable management journey.

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