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How Rise Up Partnered with Gaviti to Accomplish Astonishing Growth Together

How a Distributing Company Partnered With a SaaS Solution: 

Saas startups and enterpRise Ups are constantly in a race to beat the competition. Especially when it comes to automations as the ability to automate anything, especially payments, directly relates to the rate of growth. Gaviti and Rise Up are no different. To Rise Up over the noise, Gaviti – a brilliant payment automation solution joined forces with Rise Up, a brilliant strategist with a portfolio of unique B2B saas solutions. Rise Up takes pride in providing its clients’ innovative end-to-end solutions. And as it happens, Gaviti is one of these innovative solutions. Rise Up’s mission is to provide their clients a competitive edge that will tip the scales in their favor. Including marketing sales, and now, thanks to Gaviti – a brilliant collection automation system. This case study will show the benefits and added value such a partnership with Gaviti brings to you and your clients.

Mission of Partnership:

In essence, the mission of this partnership is mutual growth for Rise Up and Gaviti. More importantly, satisfying the promise to provide unique solutions and growth opportunities to their clients. For example, Rise Up’s goal is to improve the economic reality of their clients by providing a competitive advantage. Naturally, Gaviti fit the bill.

Rise Up loved Gaviti’s technology and innovative approach. Most of all, Rise Up was impressed with Gaviti’s emphasis on the importance of automated receivable collections. So impressed, in fact, that Rise Up became a reseller of Gaviti. Thanks to this partnership, Rise Up made good on their promise to their customers. Enabling their customers to stay ahead of the competition and boost the local economy. Simply by giving their clients a new, faster, and simpler way to automate payment processes by digitizing process, resulting in less manual work and a faster track to achieve growth.

This partnership allowed Rise Up to provide instant advantages to various clients from one calculated collaboration. Thus, ensuring Rise Up customer satisfaction.   

The Benefits of Partnering with Gaviti:

The Gaviti-Rise Up partnership provides immense value to both companies. First and foremost both Gaviti and Rise Up enjoy increased sales, revenue, and growth. Second, Rise Up proves its value to its clients by delivering innovative solutions like Gaviti. For Rise Up, this leads to the birth of a new (and happy) client relationship, creating a doorway to introduce even more innovative solutions from their rich portfolio. Rise Up’s business model is to keep clients local, and as such, can better connect and support relationships with the local startups and enterpRise Ups. Third, Rise Up provides personal account managers to their clients, just like Gaviti. The account manager’s purpose is to ensure a successful and easy integration. Including training team members and ongoing support. So, both Gaviti and Rise Up earn new business, helping each other and their client grow and beat the competition together. Now, that’s a classic win-win situation.

“Our mission is to connect enterprises with great technologies, and Gaviti makes our job easy.”

Avner Porat, Rise

Smart and strategic business partnerships can be critical to business success. Calculated partnerships can add a lot of value by keeping you and your clients ahead of the competition. Today, many industries are hungry for streamlined payment collections that’ll enable their long-awaited growth. Providing Gaviti’s solution helps them accomplish this goal. Contact Gaviti today to help you and your clients meet and exceed your growth goals, together. 

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