How A Closer Look Increased Volume of Collections with Automated A/R

The Challenge: Overload of manual and labor-intensive tasks causes further delays

As A Closer Look ballooned to over 500 customers, collections were getting to the point of being unmanageable. Staff was experiencing workload at full capacity due to the heavy manual and labor-intensive tasks. They also had to contend with inconsistent execution across the department causing further delays. On the bright side, their clients were very responsive and therefore they did not have large numbers of severely delinquent accounts.

During the COVID-19 global pandemic, they were severely impacted financially, as a large majority of their customers had closed their doors, and they were very concerned about incurring a substantial amount of delinquency because of this.

The Solution: Seamless Implementation of Automated Collections Workflows

It was clear that while A Closer Look was using QuickBooks, they needed an A/R solution that would automate their collections task and streamline the huge load of manual tasks, thereby boosting their team’s efficiency. They also needed a platform that would keep the department consistent with ongoing accounts receivable efforts.  They had previously used a QuickBooks companion product for a short period of time; however, the experiment failed because the product lacked many elements. Upon discovering Gaviti, they found a software that offered all the features they were looking for to get the team moving in the right direction. They were very excited because they truly believed Gaviti would be a game changer for them. Sure enough, after a thorough team training followed by a seamless implementation, it indeed transformed their collections process.

Even at the peak of COVID-19, they kept their cash flow strong. A Closer Look did not incur a substantial amount of delinquency, as they feared they would, which they attributed largely to Gaviti’s automated workflows. Also, they would not have been able to manage the volume nor the process without Gaviti as they had to severely reduce their staff during this time.

We have been able to get ahead of any invoicing issues that arise, create new connections with our clients and establish meaningful relationships with them, which has been a game-changer in getting invoices processed.  

–Valorie Gutzman, CFO, A Closer Look

Results with Gaviti: Increased Collections Efficiency Overnight

Shortly after they began using Gaviti, A Closer Look was able to manage their high volume of collections successfully and efficiently. The automated workflow reporting and insight enabled them to eliminate manual collections tasks, streamline processes, stay in complete control and stay up to date with all their collections. Even during the implementation, and dealing with COVID-19, they didn’t have to manage many delinquent clients or incur large amounts of bad debt – a huge benefit for any accounts receivable team.

We were very pleased to have a Customer Success Manager guide us through the whole process and be there when we needed them with any questions.”

–Valorie Gutzman, CFO, A Closer Look
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